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A Review On: Wilton Diamonds Texture Press

Wilton Diamonds Texture Press

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Pros: Did what it was suppose to do

Cons: Needed an extra pair of hands

I bought this for $1.99 because I was making a cake to be covered in "fabric fondant"  and I want to use it to make the texture.  I was surprised to find it on clearance sale.  I first tried it with choco-pan fondant and all it would do was tear and stick.  Shortening, confectioners sugar and cornstarch were each tried with no change.  I then switched to the Wilton brand chocolate fondant and it worked fine! It was a little difficult to hold steady while feeding the fondant through, could have used an extra hand or suction cups to hold it down, but after a little practice, I had no problems.  The caked turned out beautifully!


Thank you for this. I tried it with modeling chocolate and it was tearing. I'll try straight Wilton Fondant next time
did you use shortening, cornstarch or anything with the Wilton fondant? i got all of these on clearance but so far just terrible luck with them.
I think I might have put a little shortening on it at first. I took a little care to get started, then worked just fine.
whre did lyou buy it? _Thanks
I bought it on a clearance sell at Michael's
on the back of the packaging it says to use with a 50/50 gumpaste fondant mix for best results. and the wilton fondant is a lot stiffer than satin ice ect. Joann's fabrics has all the sugar sheet stamps and cutters on clearance as well
I got a bunch of clearance stuff of wilton's at joAnne fabric
I had the same problem with it sticking
Those presses were meant to be used with the Sugar Sheets, the dotted press is really the only one that doesn't tear the fondant when rolled through.