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A Review On: Wilton Decorate Smart Ultimate Rolling Tool Caddy

Wilton Decorate Smart Ultimate Rolling Tool Caddy

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Pros: Spaces for decoratng tips, large rolling pins, food colors, class materials, all "regular" cake decorating supplies

Cons: Do NOT roll this up and down stairs like rolling luggage! Not for fondant afficianados.

I got this wonderful organizer for my birthday (my husband used a coupon) and I was able to tote all my supplies to my Wilton classes easily.  I love all the little cubbies and especially the long compartments on the sides and back to hold my class books and long rolling pins/mats.  I still don't know how I feel about the top compartments that hold decorator icing tips.  I wish they were compartments that were totally removable with clips so that I could just detach them from the rolling unit when I need to just take them somewhere.  For the time being, they're OK.


Beware - soon after I received this gift, I rolled this unit up a small, small stair where my class was being held, and one of the wheels cracked off.  Apparently this unit is meant for rolling from room to room on a flat floor and is not rugged to use like you might roll luggage.  Wilton graciously replaced my unit with a new one after I sent the damaged one back. I will treat the new one with ultimate TLC.  : )


I don't think the unit lends itself to fondant "junkies," however.  When I expanded into using this medium, I bought lots of new tools and mats that don't fit well into this unit.  It is more suited for "regular" cake decorating, and someone taking the Wilton classes will love the organization this unit affords them.

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I ended up getting mines for like $46.00. But I don't think that it's large enough to carry everything that you need for your classes. I have this plus the bag and one other piece.