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A Review On: Wilton 2105-5038 Giant Cupcake Pan

Wilton 2105-5038 Giant Cupcake Pan

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Pros: Cute cake

Cons: uneven baking

I LOVE this pan.  The only bad thing about it is that the top of the cupcake does not take as long as the base to cook.  I have started baking them separately.  I bake the base and when that is done and out of the pan, I bake the top half.  Works the best for me.  I also love to coat the base with melted candy coating to make a cute cupcake "wrapper" for my cake base.  It slips right out because the surface is non stick.  LOVE this pan!


Also have this pan. HATE that the bottom cooks slower than the top. In order not to have a dried out top, you really need to bake separately. I just wish I could saw it in half so I had 2 separate pans. I sure didn't pay $15 for mine! That's a good price.
Had the same issue with top cooking quicker than bottom - only draw back to it. I put choc wafer curls around the edge and was really pleased with how it turned out (see pic).
My husband is going to take mine to work with him and use the wiz wheel to cut it apart. Then it will be perfect!
I also have this pan. It's smaller than I thought. I put a damp towel under the short (top) part and took it out before the bottom was done. My SIL wants one for her b'day :) I bought mine with a 60% coupon from Joann's. It cost 15$ plus tax.
Anna....that's a wonderful idea!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I'll have my husband cut mine in half too!
I have one also and use it all the time. I've also thought of cutting it in half. There isn't too much room in between to do it but if you know what your doing it might work. Please let us know if you did it , what you used and how it turned out. Inquiring minds want to know :) Thanks