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A Review On: KitchenAid KV25GOXMC Professional 5 Plus 5-Quart Stand Mixer, Metallic Chrome

KitchenAid KV25GOXMC Professional 5 Plus 5-Quart Stand Mixer, Metallic Chrome

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Pros: Bowl lift, bowl scraper mixing blade was included

Cons: Expensive accessories, heavy

After burning through 3 hand mixers in 2 years, my husband felt it was time for an upgrade.  We got this beauty on sale at Costco (also with a rebate) around christmas.  It came with a mixer blade, a bowl scraping mixer blade, whisk, and dough hook.  It can handle a double batch of frosting and whip up some marshmallow fondant like it's nothing.


It is the prefect mixer when doing anything 24 servings or more.  It is not so great at doing small batches and may have trouble getting everything mixed well.


You do still have to stop occasionally to scrape the bowl, even with the scraper blade, but the bowl lift design makes this easy and mess-free.


We bought the same mixer at our Costco after going through 3 hand mixers in 2 years... First one doesn't count it was old when I got here. We love it for doing everything from cakes to bread and pizza dough. I make cream cheese icing ( what killed the last mixers ) and it works wonderful. Also just got the thing to grate cheese and veggies and the grinder for meat and sausage maker. Hubby had to try the grater/slicer as soon as we walked in the door. Let just say he butchered my cucumbers, but made great coleslaw.
I like mine too,
I agree... It does not like small batches. But, I love this mixer too. I wish it would handle 2 batches of pound cake batter. But, not quite..
I have this mixer along with a 4.5 quart.I use them every week to make batches of icing...Love it!! Easy to clean...
This mixer has been in my kitchen for years, still going strong.
 I love this mixer.  Husband is talking about getting me the 600 for christmas, but I'm not givbing this up!  I'll just run two!
 I received this as a birthday present in Crystal blue. I agree that you do have to scrape the bottom, but it's great and has really helped out a lot now that I'm baking so frequently.