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Look into another brand .

A Review On: Kitchen Aid Professional 610 Stand Mixer

Kitchen Aid Professional 610 Stand Mixer

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Pros: Look, size

Cons: very poorly constructed, poor customer service

I have owned a variety of Kitchen -Aid stand mixers, from the small tilt heat to this 6 qt Professional. 

I still have my smaller mixers which I purchased 10 + years ago and they work perfectly. 

December 2012 I purchased my 610 Professional mixer , for vanity reasons mostly, I wanted a silver mixer to match my appliances.

5 months later it started to chatter very loud. I called Kitchen Aid and received excellent service. They replaced my mixer free of charge. 

3 months later, my replacement  mixer began to chatter and would only whip whipped cream. It had no strength at all. If I tried mixing a cake the whip could not move. ( please keep in mind these are no butter cake mixes, I'm just a hobbyist)

I called customer service again , and again they warrantied my mixer and sent another one.

3 months later ( today) while whipping up a cake mix, I set it to medium for the 2 minutes recommended and began putting away my eggs and milk. I hear it start to whirr, I look ( I am only 4 feet from my mixer) the whip is not moving at all.

I turn it off and again call Kitchen Aid. While on hold I Google the 610 for reviews. I discover this is a common problem and they are using a plastic housing that isn't durable enough to hold the gears in place. Same thing that's happening to me is happening to a lot of people.

This rep informs me they never received my old mixer ( I show where it was delivered by Fed Ex) , she tells me she can't do anything because my old mixer hasn't been checked in. I ask if she can track it ( so she can see it was delivered and she can investigate) , " No", then she tells me ' you aren't supposed to walk away from your mixer." I informed her I was in the same room at the other end of the counter.

She tells me that you have to stand in front of your mixer and watch it, you cannot walk away for even 30 seconds. 

That is ridiculous , not to mention, this is a 6 qt PROFESSIONAL mixer, you have to stand 1 foot from it at all times ??!?

They are trying to worm out of the warranty now.

My older mixers have metal gear housings due to their age and work like champs still. They have cheapened the newer mixers and are using plastic instead of metal.

They are aware of this defect and these issues but have not done anything to fix it.

Beware of the newer version of this mixer.

I will never again purchase a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer.


I own a KitchenAid Professional 6 qt. mixer.   It is extremely loud.   I mean,  put on the earmuffs loud.  I mix batters, cookie doughs and even fondant with no problem... as long as it is not on the number 1 setting.   The number 1 setting just never works unless I jiggle the setting knob.  It is annoying.  I also have 2 other smaller Kitchen Aid stand mixers.  Both work perfectly as they always have.   I bought the Pro because I wanted to mix a larger capacity of batters.   I do wish it was quieter.
I have this model too.  I LOVE it and have used it practically non stop for the three years I've had it. It's loud for sure, but it's never let me down.
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