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I'm a little disappointed

A Review On: Kitchen Aid Professional 610 Stand Mixer

Kitchen Aid Professional 610 Stand Mixer

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Pros: Several speed settings,Large 6qt Bowl,Lift mechanism for raising-lowering,

Cons: Loud!,Bowl can be tricky to line up and push into place, Expected more power from motor

This was a gift and I would NEVER want to seem ungrateful. That being said,If you are considering buying this mixer I'd like to point out a few things.


I have worked in production kitchens as a professional decorator in the past (about 10 yrs collectively) and I have used various KitchenAid Professional counter top mixers during that time. When a product labels itself as "Professional" I expect it to seem durable and well made. This mixer in my opinion works well for home,whipping egg whites, heavy cream, buttercreams and cake mixes,etc. But while making MMF to cover a 1/4 sheet cake I was concerned the motor might not handle it! I would be concerned about bread kneading too. It is also really loud while operating. If you have butter or shortening residue on your hands and are trying to push the bowl into place it can be tricky and frustrating.


I'm hoping this mixer will perform better once "broken in" a little. If so, I will come back and update this review. Hope this helps! detective.gif



Thanks for the review. Which of the Kitchen Aid mixers would you recommend then?
The six quart needs an upgrade....You are right , the high pitch noise is not good. Any repair man will tell you they don't make them like they use too. I returned 2 that I purchased. I finally purchased the New 7 quart and it is great! I aso have older 4 1/2 and 5 quarts which are good.
I have a 550 and I LOVE LOVE it, but I don't do much fondant or breads. And it's difficult to find accessories for the 550, but apparently the 6 qt has the same bowl diameter as the 550, so once I figured that out it was a bit easier.
I have had one of these for about four years. I'd never had trouble with it until the last couple of months. It has become unable to handle bread dough, it shuts itself off if it has to mix anything for longer than five minutes, and it is becoming louder all the time. I just took it in for repair today; I am really hoping it doesn't cost a fortune to fix. I thought KA mixers were tougher and more durable. I love mine, but I'm disappointed this happened after only a few years. KA products haven't let me down before, but I suppose there's a first time for everything. :(
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