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Kitchen Aid Professional 610 Stand Mixer Reviews

Positive Reviews

GaMa Marge

Love Mine...Have two

I live in MO in the summer and TX in the winter. Both of my kitchens have the pro mixer. I absolutely love both of my pro Kitchen Aids. Very sturdy and wonderful for breadmking. I still wish that you could lift the body , so that you could work with the ingrediants better.

Love it so much


Pros: i like it beause it has alot of power

Cons: none

Have this in the same color is the Princess  of my kitchen I can do anything in this kitchenaid we make a bread here on our island call dome bread and it make's the dough perfect love it am getting the 700 also  that's my Christmas gift to myself

Negative Reviews




Pros: Capacity

Cons: Cheap components

I'm on my second unit. The first one got ruined when I used THEIR meat grinder attachment. I DID NOT force product down into the grinder, but, later after I disassembled it, I found that the gears came loose, wore down, whatever. I ended up buying another. But I can guarantee that this will be my last one. I like the capacity and flexibility, but if you can't mix more than a cup of water without risking damage to the unit, what's the point. KitchenAid needs to spend a couple of dollars on making the drive train more durable.

Waste of money


Pros: Looks nice and like the larger bowl.

Cons: Poor construction, very weak mixer

I agree with user Melanie.  I bought this mixer thinking it was stronger than my old bottom line model that I have had for about 14 years.  Used the professional model about 3 months and it froze up.  Called customer service and the gracious and sent a new one under warranty.  Used the new one for about 5 or 6 months and it froze up too.  Called again, again they sent me a new mixer.  Used the new one for about 4 months and low and behold it froze up too.  Called customer service and again they sent me a new mixer but insinuated I was using it incorrectly and causing it to break and also insinuated that they would not want to send me another one...
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More Reviews


Look into another brand .


Pros: Look, size

Cons: very poorly constructed, poor customer service

I have owned a variety of Kitchen -Aid stand mixers, from the small tilt heat to this 6 qt Professional.  I still have my smaller mixers which I purchased 10 + years ago and they work perfectly.  December 2012 I purchased my 610 Professional mixer , for vanity reasons mostly, I wanted a silver mixer to match my appliances. 5 months later it started to chatter very loud. I called Kitchen Aid and received excellent service. They replaced my mixer free of charge.  3 months later, my replacement  mixer began to chatter and would only whip whipped cream. It had no strength at all. If I tried mixing a cake the whip could not move. ( please keep in mind these are no...
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Cakes by Erin

A reliable mixer, sturdy and handles large batches of cake batter.


Pros: Handles three times the amount of batter I made in a smaller stand mixer. Strong working and sturdy. Nothing has broken in over two years.

Cons: Very loud and hard for left-handers.

One suggestion I have is making a left-handed bowl and cover (if there is one, please let me know), as it is hard to lift, pour and scoop when everything is on the wrong side.

I'm a little disappointed


Pros: Several speed settings,Large 6qt Bowl,Lift mechanism for raising-lowering,

Cons: Loud!,Bowl can be tricky to line up and push into place, Expected more power from motor

This was a gift and I would NEVER want to seem ungrateful. That being said,If you are considering buying this mixer I'd like to point out a few things.   I have worked in production kitchens as a professional decorator in the past (about 10 yrs collectively) and I have used various KitchenAid Professional counter top mixers during that time. When a product labels itself as "Professional" I expect it to seem durable and well made. This mixer in my opinion works well for home,whipping egg whites, heavy cream, buttercreams and cake mixes,etc. But while making MMF to cover a 1/4 sheet cake I was concerned the motor might not handle it! I would be concerned about bread kneading too....
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