No more balancing filled or hot cookie sheets hither and yon!

A Review On: Jonas Baker's Mate Collapsible Cooling Rack

Jonas Baker's Mate Collapsible Cooling Rack

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Pros: Collapsible, sturdy, aids baking

Cons: None so far

Bought from Kitchen Krafts online; comes from Linden of Sweden, same construction.


No more trying to find a place to put a hot cookie sheet just offloaded, or where to stack a filled one ready for the oven.  Used this making a bunch of cookies (two batches, one with four different variations) and it was soooo slick I wished I'd had one years ago. 






Hmmm, been thinking about buying one of these myself. :) Thanks for the review
I agree Servelan, I was given one of these for Christmas by my sweet sister in law and I really love mine..I have a small kitchen with limited counter space to spread out..this rack has come in handy many times.
That looks exactly like something that would make my life a lot easier. I always run out of counter space and end up frustrated trying to find and vacant piece of real estate.