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A Review On: Fondx Rolled Fondant Icing, Virgin White

Fondx Rolled Fondant Icing, Virgin White

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Pros: Taste Great. Rolls Better. Doesn't Crack.

Cons: Not enough retailers that carry this product

I rarely write reviews on products but I absolutely fell in love with this fondant!!! I've tried other fondants and have always had difficulty with drying and cracking but ever since I started using Fondx and Fondx Elite on my cakes, I have yet to run to into that problem. Its amazing and it has definitely cut my time of decorating since it rolls out great and has the perfect consistency. I always buy the virgin white and color the fondant if necessary but they also have pre-colored fondant as well. (The ***y Pink is awesome and it never fades!!!)  The great thing about it is that it tastes soooo good! It has this light marshmallow taste and isn't overly sweet like a lot of other fondant! And pricing is reasonable for the quality and quantity of this product. I've tried all types of fondants, from the inexpensive (Wilton) to the super expensive (Carma Massa), and Fondx is at a great price range and the quality can't be beat. The only con that I have with this product is that its not carried in a lot of retailers like Michael's, so I usually order it online.  But I always check out the weekly sales on they usually have their fondant on sale and along with other gumpaste items (which I'm also guilty of purchasing lol). 


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