Fun to Make for Parties

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Pros: Good looking designs, Easy to use, Fun

Cons: Not Free, Can't change color on some designs

Part 1 of 2

Polka Dot Cupcake Wrappers for a baby shower make with Cupcake Wrapper Creator


Custom Cupcake Wrappers are an easy way to add a special touch to a party. I like to use them for baby showers because I can put the name of the family on the wrapper. And no matter which color of streamers, plates, and napkins I choose at the store, I can match it with the the cupcake wrapper program. In this tutorial I'll show you how to use the features of Cupcake Wrapper Creator. There are simple templates you can customize quickly (some are free and others require that you become a member for $12.95 for 7 days or $29.95 for lifetime access). Also, there is a free-form cupcake wrapper design feature that lets you add your own pictures and choose from many graphic designs to put on the wrappers. I'll cover the free-form editor in part 2.


Using a Pre-defined Template


Cupcake Wrapper Creator has over 40 pre-defined templates to choose from. They are available here: As I'll show you in a moment, each of these templates have editable options for color and text. Also, there are several free downloads of popular designs, however you cannot change the text or colors in these free downloads, so you're limited to the just the pretty patterns without custom text. The free downloads are available here: Finally, if you sign up for the free trial (available at the previous link) you can customize a simple solid color design with text.


Choosing a Design


Many cupcake wrapper templates to choose from at Cupcake Wrapper Creator


On any the the template design pages listed above, you'll be presented with a multi-page list of designs to choose from. Some of the more popular designs are: Two Line Damask, Large Polka Dot, Zebra and Micro Polka Dot. Clicking on a design takes you to a page where you can change the colors of the wrapper, and add custom text. I should mention here that some designs, like the popular ones listed above, allow for compete freedom when changing their colors, but many others use an image background and are more limited in how you can change them.


Editing a Design



Below I've added a screen shot of the design page for the Large Polka Dot wrapper. We see that the following items are editable:


  • Background Color - the back color of the wrapper that the dots sit on top of.
  • Cutting Guide Color - normally you don't need a cutting guide, but sometimes, when the background of your design is white, it's not obvious where to cut out the wrapper. For those times, it's best to use a very light colored cutting guide. Something you can just barely see, so if a bit of it is still on the design after you cut out the wrappers, no one will be able to tell.
  • Polka Dot Color - the color of the dots.
  • Band Color - most designs will have a "band". In the screen shot, this is the pink area in the middle of the wrapper. Bands can be turned on and off. Their purpose is to provide a consistent background for text which goes on top. As you can imagine (or try for yourself) the dots, in this case, make the text illegible without the band.
  • Text - your custom message.
  • Font - your choice of several fonts. The are fun fonts, an elegant cursive font, and your more usual suspect like Arial.
  • Font Size - how large to make the text.
  • Font Weight - bold or normal.


Once you've chosen from the options above, the next step is to click the preview button. After a couple seconds, the preview image updates with your new choice. Finally, when you're satisfied with the way your design looks, you click the print button and a PDF file is generated for you to download.


Printing Your Wrappers


Once you have the PDF, you need to print it. For this, you'll need 80-100 pound white card stock. You will achieve the best results using a color laser printer, but some people have good results with ink jet printers too. If you don't have access to a color laser printer, your local Kinkos or similar store will charge you a few bucks to print them up. Hint: it's much cheaper if you bring your own paper. If you're trying to wrap jumbo cupcakes, you can tell your printer to zoom the page up to maybe 115%. At this zoom level, the wrappers should still fit on the page, but they'll be larger when you cut them out. For mini cupcakes, try the two-page-per-sheet setting on your printer. Since there are two wrappers on a sheet, this will yield four. The website has a good video showing you how to cut out the wrappers using straight and scalloped scissors. Check it out here:


Stay tuned for Part 2 where I'll cover how to use the free-form design feature with image upload... 


Wow, that's an amazing in-depth review. I wasn't even in the market for this but I'm going to buy it now. LOL
this is a great idea. Has anyone used it enough to give it any reviews? I have a cake business, but I do get the occasional cupcake order as well.
I bought it and used it for the first time for wedding cupcakes. I wanted to make sure it was going to be grease proof because of the SMBC and stabelized whipped cream I used. I printed the wrappers with the bride and groom names and date on it and used my own art on regular computer paper. I bought clear and white mac-tac or con-tac at Walmart for $2 a roll, roughly cut out the wrappers and stuck them plain side down on the white con-tac, I did about 30? at a time. Then I placed the clear con-tac on the top and cut them out using a wavy patterned scissors on the top. The con-tac made them very stable and kept out the grease. Loved them.