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A Review On: CK Products Sugarcraft Gun

CK Products Sugarcraft Gun

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Pros: None

Cons: Hurt my hands to squeeze the fondant out, breaks easy

The gun hurt my hand so bad when I would try to squeeze the fondant out (yes, the fondant was very soft) and it broke my third time using it.


I LOVE this sugar-gun - although WOW that is exhorbitant price!! - although it only has a small feed tube it is great for trims that you want to place directly on to cake/cookie/cupcake. Tip is to dip the piece of fondant into boiling water - straight in and out - knead up - it really needs to be like chewing gum to use properly. You can rub your hands with a little vegetable fat for the final rolling into shape to fit the barrel - seems to make it slide through easier.
This is another alternative, and it is excellent if you do not have strong hands Edna De La Cruz demonstrates this on youtube, and she has many very valuable free tutorials to view