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Cake Stackers Support System

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Pros: Keeps cake perfectly in place when traveling and just for set-up and presentation

Cons: You have to disassemble each layer to cut the cakes, it's a bit of a pain to do and worse to explain to your customers

After many stressful trips trying to deliver stacked cakes, I came across the website for cake stackers.  With a huge wedding cake order looming, I figured it was the perfect time to try it.  I was very happy with it overall and I definitely recommend it.  The main drawback is the assembly and disassembly which sometimes requires pliers if it gets stuck.  BUT, your cake is perfectly stacked, it does not move in the car and it is much less stressful to deliver so I love the one I purchased.  I've used it twice for different size cakes so it is versatile in that sense, I'll attach pictures of the two I made using this stand.  

Rustic Wedding Cake



hi ameeta,
thanks for this review! I just wanted to know, do you reuse the stackers? if so, i'm more concerned about collecting them from the venue or do you ask your clients to return it? they're priced at about ~$150 and i was wondering if you just dispose of them (and add it to the cost of the cake) or reuse them (and collect them at the end of the reception)?
Thanks so much! hope to hear from you
They are completely reusable except for the cardboard between the cake and the support system and you can now buy a plastic reusable bit for this as well.
I just bought one of these!  I am excited and nervous to use it!  I do have a question for you, do you get the hole in the middle of the cake before you stack it?  Or I guess I should ask, what is the best way to do that?
We use our stacker on any cake 3 tiers and over.  I love it!  During our consultations (once we find out that we will need it) we take the actual system and show it to our clients.  We show the video on the website if they want to see that.  If we are short on time, we give the website address for them to look at themselves.  We also recommend that they show it to the "designated cake cutter".  Around here, few venues provide one.  When we deliver the cake, we always leave a cutting guide and a copy of the cake stacker diagram that we received with our purchase.  We also provide a box for them to put it in with our name, address, and phone number.  If they have any problems, we can walk them through!  We have them put the stacker sections in the box and we wash it to make sure that there are no loose pieces.  If a customer took it completely apart, there would be a greater chance of loosing pieces.  We also ask for a hefty deposit that covers the cost of the stacker pieces used.  We ask for that in a separate check that is not cashed.  Once returned, we return the check.  We do no charge rental on it because it is for our peace of mind that we use it.  We don't want extra money to get in the way of that!  :) We have used this product for wedding cakes and our ICES DOS demo for the ice cream cone.  They all can be seen on our website,