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Cake Stackers Support System


Pros: Dependable product that gives me peace of mind. Flexible sizing.

Cons: Don't like the "tab" that sticks up on the base.

We purchased the professional stacker system for a 5 tier cake.  It was a blessing!  Could not have delivered it put together without it and there wasn't a place to put it together at the venue.  We now use it on all cakes 3 tier and over.  We also used it on our ice cream cone cake demo for our ICES DOS.  It is very versatile.  We have even used it as a cupcake stand before my hubby made a set for me.  


The stacker came with a LOT of little pieces.  We purchased a small see through tackle box and organized everything.  That really helps!


The bases come with this little tab on it to lift the cake up that I don't care for, but we found a way to cover that up.  (Thank you hubby!)  


The stacker itself is great!  I don't have to worry about shifting or anything.  That is especially helpful because I live in a community where there are gravel roads and lots of streets that are not so great!  A lot of the private, out of the way venues are on steep hills.  So far, all of our cakes have arrived in perfect condition!  


The stacker is expensive (but worth it) so we charge a separate deposit for the amount the it would cost to replace it, if it were not returned.  We return the check when the stacker is returned to us.  So far, everyone is understanding because they rather have the peace of mind as well!  


We also make it easy on our clients by having them just put the sections in a box marked with our name, address and phone number on it.  We ask them not to wash it, to help ensure that they do not loose the little pieces if they were to take it apart.  We wash it ourselves and take inventory. 


When we visit with a client that needs the stacker, we actually put the stacker together and show them how it all works.  It sets them at ease on how it works as well as having the cake be safe.  We also show them the website where they have a video.  They can also show this to the designated "cake cutters" to help them.  When we deliver the cake, we also include a cutting guide along with a copy of the stacker diagram that we received with our original purchase.  So far, we have not had any problems!


I can say I love this thing.  As we grow, I will definitely add more pieces!  


All of our cakes that have used this system can be seen on our website,  HTH!


Pros: Keeps cake perfectly in place when traveling and just for set-up and presentation

Cons: You have to disassemble each layer to cut the cakes, it's a bit of a pain to do and worse to explain to your customers

After many stressful trips trying to deliver stacked cakes, I came across the website for cake stackers.  With a huge wedding cake order looming, I figured it was the perfect time to try it.  I was very happy with it overall and I definitely recommend it.  The main drawback is the assembly and disassembly which sometimes requires pliers if it gets stuck.  BUT, your cake is perfectly stacked, it does not move in the car and it is much less stressful to deliver so I love the one I purchased.  I've used it twice for different size cakes so it is versatile in that sense, I'll attach pictures of the two I made using this stand.  

Rustic Wedding Cake


Cake Stackers Support System

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