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A Review On: Aztek A470 Airbrush Set

Aztek A470 Airbrush Set

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Pros: Adjustable air/color flow, covered swiveling color cups, interchangeable nozzles

Cons: None!

This airbrush is the best, ever! It feels good, is lightweight, adjustable to any scenario, and is just generally awesome. I use this thing constantly, and would feel naked without it. It comes with so much stuff, and is like Christmas morning when you open the box. Order it from to get all the goodies and extras you need! :)

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I have been looking at this airbrush for a while, saving my pennies;-) Do you have any pictures of cakes you've done with it? Also, do you use a standard adjustable compressor, or one that is for cakes that isn't adjustable? I typically keep mine on around 30 PSI, but do you have a different recommendation?