Makes it easy and stress free to level and torte a cake layer perfectly every time.

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Pros: Blade doesn't twist, ruler guides, sturdy and well made. Precision cutting for a great cake structure.

Cons: Have to watch out for the very sharp blade, after a year I had one plastic knob crack from tightening too much. (Replacement was cheap though)

I have the large double bladed one and I use it on every cake now!  I used to stress out trying to make sure all my layers were level and to the same height for all layers of the cake.  The ruler guides on this tool help you adjust the height of the blade, and if you have the double bladed one, you can torte at the same time.  It can also be set to cut layers at a angle too.  Great tool!


I agree with your views.  I have the double blade one and no longer have uneven cake layers even though you do have to be careful of the sharp blades.  Everyone say your money to get, it will be one of the best investments you can make.
From CherylB to SherylB.
Hi. Just saw your Agbay review to the side on CakeCentral. (Big Brother watching; I had recently made a query re Agbay to another CCer.) Clicked on and enjoyed your cakes and stories. I'm thinking about buying an Agbay. Does it stay firm and straight whilst cutting? I had bought a Wilton "Ultimate Cake Leveler", which looks somewhat similar but is quite useless.
Absolutely agree - the Agbay is the one tool I wouldn't be without. It's expensive but worth every penny if you make stacked cakes for a living! When I saw the demonstration video I didn't think it would be as easy as it showed, but it is.
It literally takes seconds to get perfectly level tiers, when I used to spend ages trimming after using other levellers. I only have the single blade version, but I would recommend the full 20" wide model rather than the junior if you are a professional and can afford it. 
My husband bought me an Agbay as an anniversary gift a while ago and that thing paid for itself the first use... the peace of mind you get with a well-leveled cake is PRICELESS!