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Agbay Single Cake Leveler

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Pros: Simple, easy to use, accurate, does not bend/distort as you are cutting, protective blade covers. Cakes are always level and look fab when layered.

Cons: Nor cheap and takes up space but it's worth it.

I love my Agbay! I bought the double bladed version and use it constantly. Now my cakes are always level.

Quick to set up and quick to use. I used to mess around for ages getting levels/layers right - not now :)


Absolutely the best cake tool you will ever purchase. TOTALLY worth the investment! You will never regret having the best tools.
So true, everytime I buy a new gadget, I tell my husband, "If you want to do a good job, you need the right tools"
I also LOVE my agbay leveler!! It's worth every penny in the time it saves me and mistakes you can avoid. It cuts through the hardest to torte cakes like butter. You can't handle ant serious volume of cakes with-out it.
I would be lost without my Agbay and my friend Maureen :)
I should have mentioned that the owner is VERY, very nice, helpful, quick, accurate............FLAWLESS service!
By far my best cake decorating investment to date! The time and stress it saves you will be worth it's weight in gold!
I totally love my Agbay. My cake business may be small as I work full-time but I could not resist this gadget...I agree it's worth every penny.