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Marshmallow Fondant (MMF)

A very tasty alternative to buttercream icing or regular fondant. Read the full instruction and photos here!

Marshmallow Fondant (MMF)


  • 16 oz white marshmallows 2 tb water 2 lb icing sugar (approx. 8 cups confectioners' or powdered sugar) (DO NOT USE ALL OF THE SUGAR)


  1. 1. Melt marshmallows and water in a double boiler or microwave.
  2. Heat until melted.
  3. 2. Place half of the sugar in a bowl. Make a well in the middle.
  4. Pour melted marshmallow in and mix.
  5. 3. Add remaining sugar and continue kneading. (add more powedered sugar in tablespoons as you are kneading. Micture should not be sticky)
  6. TIPS
  7. ---grease your hands and the bowl.
  8. Also, let this stuff rest overnight.
  9. It will be pretty stiff when you try to knead it again, but it can be microwaved for five to ten seconds (start off with 5) and it will soften right up and be perfect for rolling out and playing with.
  10. Discard all the crusty residues.
  11. TO USE
  12. if fondant is too hard, place about 30 sec. in microwave. Dust work table with cornstarch, and knead for a couple of minutes.
  13. Then roll as thin as you want with rolling pin dusted in cornstarch. To avoid it from stickin to your work surface, turn rolled dough frequently, and continue dusting with cornstarch until you have reached desired thinnes.
  14. To color: Separate small amounts of fondant & color with paste food colours to the desired tone. Knead until colour is smooth and completely uniform.
  15. This fondant does not set fast at all. When you have formed your flowers, set them on a curved surface so they don't loose their shape (hang them upside down) It will not be as perfect as Gum Paste, but it will work. Also, start making flowers at least two days in advance to allow them to set.
  16. Additions
  17. add 2oz melted vanilla candy melts.

Comments (66)

how many ounces does this reciepe yield anyone know?
I used it to cover a 2 tier dbl 8 at the top and a single 10 inch at the bottom.
I just made MMF. Weighed in at 2 lbs. 3 oz. (Just over 1 kilogram!). HTH!
Quick, easy, and perfect every time! Thanks so much for a great MMF recipe! One batch for me, made enough to cover a double 8 in round, with extra leftover for shapes and forms. With as inexpensive and fast as this is to make, I make 2 batches and store any leftover.
Does anyone know how long this lasts after it is made. I put some in the fridge, but not sure if I should use it for my next cake.
I just want to know if once I cover the cake the MMF will harden very stiff? I made it a few days in advanced, and found it very hard, Idid the microwave thing and it got soft but I found it had to knead. I am afraid that once is in the cake it will get very stiff.
I usually cover my fondant 3 times in seran wrap. very tight... no air pockets... and you can leave it in the freezer as long as you want but everytime... you take it out and use it wrap it in fresh wrap 3 times... and back in the freezer.!!!
what do you do if it is sticky? will not be stiff after covering your cake just dont store it in the fridge..fondant should not be kept in the fridge brandibaker...if it is too sticky it means its too wet/moist and there is too much liquid..just add some powdered sugar to even it out until it is not too sticky and rubbery like gum
Hi all, it says to leave the mmf to rest overnight, does it need to be covered? if so what is best to use to cover it? Thanks.
WWEfan, I make it into a ball and rub a little crisco on it so it doesn't get any hard patches. I then wrap it tight in plastic wrap.
Do you store it in the fridge or is it okay for me to leave it out?
Leave it out, but wrapped really tight with plastic wrap. Just wanted to mention that I have found it very easy to color by adding color to the marshmallows before adding the sugar, when melted and hot. That's just my preference, especially when I know a lot of color will be needed.
Hi, I tried once to make the MMF but it was a mess, never got consistency, I kept kneading but always stayed sticky. I do not know what I did wrong. Anyway I will try again I will let you guys know.
Does anyone know if it matters when making mmf if I use branded powdered sugar or generic?
Tried to make this in my kitchen aid tonight and it got hot smelling (the kitchen aid), not too happy about that. I am not sure what I did wrong but it stuck horribly to my bowl, paddle (greased) and then when I was kneading i got all but maybe 1/2 cup into it. I am not sure what texture i should be looking for. it does not appear to be sticky but seems to be layrering and nto really going back together. I had a horrible time with the wilton splitting on me. So i am hoping this will work. I did a test roll even before resting and it seemed to hold a bit, so hopeing after restig it will be reat cause I can not even get a dummy cake fondanted with the other unfortunatly.
Sunset74 you are not alone! Making this recipe was an adventure for me, too. It stuck to the bowl, my Kitchen Aid starting smelling, from the motor overheating. However, I took it out of the bowl and kneaded by hand. Added more sugar and it came out wonderfully! A lot of effort, but really worth it. Came out smooth and nice, just like Satin Ice, but with a much better taste, not to mention the savings. Cost me around $3 to make it. Used all Wal-Mart brand marshmallow and sugar. I didn't add any more flavoring, kept the original marshmallow taste.
I use this recipe every week. I add the sugar to the melted marshmallows instead of vice versa, and just keep adding sugar. It's very difficult to work with at the beginning -- sticking to your hands, bowl and everything else, but just hang in there and it'll smooth out. I always do it with my hands, crisco'd up to the forearms. To make bows and other things that need to be stiff, just leave out for a couple of days. This stuff keeps indefinitely wrapped tightly on the counter.
I found a recipe that was nearly identical (it was my first attempt at fondant) that had video instruction. If I had not had the video, I would have been just as frustrated. The reason it is sticking is you need more sugar. I recommend cutting the recipe in 1/2 for a first try - much more manageable. It is 2 part (hope this helps):
i've made this recipe twice now and each time the fondant has cracked and ripped when i applied it to the cake. it wasn't rolled too thin, it was moist and not dried out (stored in air tight container, rolled in crisco and plastic wrap), not sure what i am doing wrong. suggestions?
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