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I really enjoyed this caddy, with it's many little compartments, places for your tips, & slots for knives on the sides, UNTIL I saw it's BIG MOMMA!  The one with the wheels!  And the extra big drawer!  And the handle to pull it behind you!  And a place for the 20" roller on the side, and for your recipes & such in the caddy on the back!  The only thing the original version had that the big one did not, was the knife holders on the side.  I loved that feature!!  So I used my Dremel & put 4 slots for 4 knives on one of the top side pockets.  Now I love my new one as much as my old one, which I sold to my friend, so she could enjoy it.  Sadly, the hinges still catch on both of the big drawers, in the center, when you have enough in the drawer to cause the least little bit of distortion in the shape of it!
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