Wilton Romantic Castle

NEVER again will I make this cake!For a first bday.The towers, which were not attached, fell during transport (they were in a box).I couldn't for the life of me get the towers to stand up on the cake, they kept falling down.The dowels would not stay attached b/c it was too hot for the candy melts to stay firm.I had to do away with the top towers and just put the cones on.
Cake is chocolate, bc icing, mmf. Cupcakes are WASC, rasp. filling, cream cheese icing. Smash cake is carrot applesauce with bc icing


yumcupcakes Says... 8 years ago

awww but it looks like your hard work paid off. Everything looks awesome :-)

cinderspritzer Says... 8 years ago

i think it all looks fantastic. kudos to you for trying when it was all working against you. it came out great ;-D

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