Topsey Turvey Family

This topsey turvey cake was done for a family reunion. The client called and said she wanted something fun in chocolate. She asked for a brown, green and blue cake, so this is what I came up with. See what happens when you dont specify what you want, Spongypants gets all crazy n stufflol. Ok so double chocolate cake sprinkled with kahlua, chocolate bc filling, iced in chocolate bc with fondant accents. And of course a couple of duff roses just for fun. This was a fun cake to do as it was my first harlequi

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You go Spongypants!!!! There you go again with one of my favorite ingredients (kahula) I definatly am coming to your house for some cake lessons!!!!!! :lol: :wink:


Mommi...thanks so much. it really was a fun cake to do, but now that I have the pic posted all I can see is the missing dot!. It is a real stone (granite? marble?) checker board. I figured it would make a great base for the pic. Thanks again!

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