jtallen4 Says... 7 years ago

Love it! Perfect for a little boy who loves spiderman. My son would love it. i'm trying to figure out how you made the spiderman shape. Also is any of it made of rice krispy treats? Would love it if you shared how you made him looks so good. Thanks!

4them Says... 7 years ago

hands down the best idea i have seen for a spiderman cake :D

martmarg Says... 7 years ago

i've seen many spiderman cakes like this. But yours is by far the best. It looks so natural and perfectly shaped. Great job. My son is sitting here with me and just loves it. Totally awesome. :o :o

cncgirl00 Says... 7 years ago

This is so awesome!! Could you pm me instructions also?

sweetiemama Says... 7 years ago

Have to agree with the others-very natural looking, no droop to spidey! Very well done, if you have your instructions, maybe you could post to CC? :lol:

fooby Says... 7 years ago

Love it! I may need to PM you for instructions soon. My stepson requested a Spiderman cake for his birthday this month. :)

txgracefully Says... 7 years ago

This was really easy to do. I didn't us any Krispy treats. Just PM me and I will be glad to send you the instructions. Thanks for the comments.

JanetPlanet Says... 7 years ago

What a great idea to add the spider-web cupcakes! Nice work!

papasgirl Says... 7 years ago

love this cake ! Can you send pm instructions! Looking forward in making this on my nephews birthday

ladefly Says... 7 years ago

it looks really good. the soulders look very natural. great job.

Lisa422 Says... 7 years ago

I would love you to PM me the instructions too. Please! I love it and so does my son! His birthday is in 2 weeks and wants this cake. I hope I do it justice.

mariac38 Says... 7 years ago

Wow!! Great Job!

txgracefully Says... 7 years ago

Thank you all for your comments. :)

BakeNShake Says... 7 years ago

Fabulous!! You did an awesome job!! Would you mind giving me some tips/directions on your spiderman shape?

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