Silver Bridal Shower

I was asked by my MOL to make a shower cake for a friend of hers. She didn't really care what it looked like, she just likes how I bake so it was up to me to figure out a design. When I asked what the colors were I was told silver, opal (irridescent) and white. I searched the forums and found one by dhmichaud that I did with my own twist. I'd never even personally seen fondant before this cake so keep that in mind when you see the hearts and roses. :)


dabear Says... 8 years ago

Very pretty!

mariannedavis Says... 8 years ago

Awwww........ this is great!

buffim Says... 8 years ago

Great job. Simple yet elegant. Yours roses are nice too!

Franluvsfrosting Says... 8 years ago

Thank you! I tried every way suggested to make them! lol I have decided that fondant is fun to play with after this cake. :)

bkkimberly Says... 8 years ago

classy, very nice job, ;-D

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