Lily's Wedding Cake


The bride sent me a picture from a magazine, asked me to do exactly the same cake, and to make it "spectacular". At the beginning she wanted the basis to measure 60*60!!!! cm. In the end we settled for a cake measuring 40*40 cm, with the rest of the tiers measuring 30*30 and 20*20. Rolled fondant and gum paste flowers.

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these roses are beautiful and so real... is it just white gumpste with peach colured dusting??? and how do you get your leaves so shiny and how is the bouquet held together... sorry about the questions... just beautiful


Answers to the questions by beesting: the flowers are gumpaste, colored with just a touch of Americolor's "gold". The dusting inside is red and yellow (I did not have orange dust). The shine of the leaves is edible varnish, diluted 50:50 with edible alcohol or vodka. I just dip the leaves and then stick them upright on a florist sponge to dry.

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