Deer (Work In Progress)

This is a fondant deer I am working on for a groom's cake this weekend (if all goes will be a 3D model of his jeep with a deer draped avross the hood!) The bride and groom are going on a hunting trip for their honeymoon, he has no idea what his cake will be. all he said was that he wanted a deer on it, the bride said "Run with It!!!" and this is the idea that she and I settled on. Still have lots of detail work left to go, will post another photo of the whole cake when it's finished.


mgdqueen Says... 8 years ago

You've done amazing work. I'm not sure I would want to eat it, but it looks fantastic!!! :D

CRAZEEDUCK Says... 8 years ago

Awesome job so far....I can't wait to see the finished cake.

strawberry0121 Says... 8 years ago

It looks great! My immediate reactions was " looks dead!" So you have captured it perfectly. Can't wait to see the finished product!

gmcakes Says... 8 years ago

The finished groom's cake is now posted in my photos here on CC!

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