Frangipani Seashell Cake

Frangipani Seashell Cake on Cake Central

I actually did this cake for a friend's husband who is opening a Mariot hotel on the beach front. The logo was put on later, I will try to post a pic of that. Done in bc with fondant accents.

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Thanks Moralna, I purchased a frangipani cutter to do the flowers and laid them out like a fan and added a dab of water to stick each one together and then I brought the fan together at both ends and attached another dab of water. At this point they were in a cone shape and I stuck them in a former to dry. The water was done just by cutting pieces of fondant and folding them in half and meeting the next piece up to it as I went around the board. I had to do a few layers of it to get it to cover the board

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