A Cake For Our Churchs 40th Anniversary Each Tier Was Designed To Reflect An Aspect Of The Life Of The Church The Second Tier From The To

A cake for our church's 40th anniversary. Each tier was designed to reflect an aspect of the life of the church. The second tier from the top has a brown peak that is reminiscent of the church's roofline, the church's symbol and a green stole draped over it. The blue on the top tier represents the water of baptism.

So within those parameters, I'm after an idea of how you think the colours go together - I picked the deep pink and the gold on the bottom for no particular reason apart from the fact that I knew I had a bunch of colours on the top two tiers, and thought there should be some colour on the bottom to balance it out, but I'm not really satisfied. Any suggestions?

More importantly, what else could have been added o the bottom tier. The verse says, "Jesus said: Preach the gospel to all" and it's supposed to be the verse coming from the Bible on the right. It doesn't look like enough to me though.


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