Largest Cake Ive Made To Date Had So Much Fun This Was For My Niece And She Specified She Wanted A Princess Party And Pink So This Was


Largest cake I've made to date, had so much fun! This was for my niece and she specified she wanted a princess party and pink, so this was what I came up with :) Towers are fondant, turrets are waffle cones covered in fondant (found a good tutorial from Sizes are 12" square and 8", 6", 4" rounds. This cake was 24" high! The banner is gumpaste with handpainted letters in black gel paste mixed with vodka. To get this color pink I used hot pink, magenta, and burgundy gel pastes. For the gold I used gold glaze and painted it on. I researched it a little too late, but I didn't like the color of this gold paint. To get a darker gold, I found on CC that many people use gold highlighter mixed with vodka. All the pink is dusted with pink luster dust and the blue windows are dusted with blue luster dust. I couldn't get a very full shot of the cake with the foam core board I had on hand (note to self, buy bigger board for future cakes). TFL!