Its Bubble Guppies Having A 21 Month Old Son Means That Tv Shows Like Bubble Guppies Are Quite Familiar To Me This Simple Design Was A Ve

It’s Bubble Guppies! Having a 21 month old son means that tv shows like Bubble Guppies are quite familiar to me. This simple design was a very last minute cake for Jacob’s 4th birthday. Bubble Guppies is one of his favourite shows. I’m very happy with what I was able to bake and create in just a few hours time.


chefjen1 Says... 7 months ago

Love your cake!  Can you tell me how you did the design with the inlaid waves with the fondant?  I love how it's flush with the cake instead of layered one on top of the other!

loveandsugar Says... 7 months ago

@chefjen  I covered the cake with fondant and etched in the waves. Then I painted every other wave with extract tinted with a hint of blue.

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