This Is My Very First Carvedsculpted Cake Ive Been Making Pretty Basic Cakes For About 6 Months Now And Was Invited To A Dr Seuss Birthd

This is my very first carved/sculpted cake. I've been making pretty basic cakes for about 6 months now and was invited to a Dr. Seuss birthday cake contest at a local museum. The only request was that the cake had a music incorporated in as the museum is currently running a guitar exhibit. So I took that literally and made a Seuss guitar. The body is from Oh, The Places You'll Go, the neck is based on the Cat's hat. And the Things are holding music for Happy Birthday in front of a birthday present for Dr. Seuss. I didn't even come in the top half of the cakes. But I am extremely proud of what I accomplished. I think it came out pretty good for my first cake that wasn't round or square. :)


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