billymj52 Says... 2 weeks ago

love these. did you use a mold and where did you find it  thanks in advance

stephlpy8 Says... 2 weeks ago

Thank you! I did! It was a golf ball mold from a local party store.. It was a few years ago but you might have luck looking on amazon :)

billymj52 Says... 1 week ago

thanks.....can you explain how you put the candy on the cake ball....did you mold the candy and put the ball in and top it with another candy? but how would you get them to stick together?

stephlpy8 Says... 1 week ago

Sure, I made the cake pop balls probably between 1/2 - 2/3 the size of the golf ball size itself. I filled the mold just enough so the cake pop would easily fit and stay 1/2 way down and popped it into the freezer for a few min. Pop them out and refill the mold and place the cake pop back in to the mold (reverse side) and wipe off any extra that comes out. It should fit snug. The nice thing about the mold is that you can see through it so you can tell if you don't have it filled enough. freeze it again and pop it out. 

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