This Was Made For My Youngest Daughters 5Th Birthday 3 Recipes Of Too Much Chocolate Cake Cooked In Two 9X13X2 Pans Its A Pop Up Tink


This was made for my youngest daughter's 5th birthday. 3 recipes of Too much chocolate cake cooked in two 9x13x2 pans. It's a pop up Tinkerbell storybook . In the first movie a fairy is reading the story of Tink's life. The page says " Once upon a time Alina and Tinkerbell celebrated her 5th birthday in Pixie Hollow". The tree in the middle is the Pixie Dust tree covered in gold glitter. The smaller one is the one they work in and Tink's Nook. Flowers are RI, large trees are modeling chocolate as are the ladybugs and toadstools. The whole cake, border, and small trees are all white chocolate ganache.