Triple Christening Cake


Triple Christening Cake for siblings Daisy, Lilly & Finley. I *REALLY* enjoyed making this cake. Originally, mum (Tasha!) wanted a cake each for her gorgeous kids Christening, but I decided instead to make a 3 tier cake, with each child hav ing their own tier, to reflect their personalities. Daisy, the eldest is very girlie and loves anything pink - so I went for a 10" flower shaped chocolate mud cake, covered in daisies (of course!) and dainty pearls. Lilly loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse - so I went for an 8" vanilla sponge cake, to look like Minnie's dress (complete with frilly petticoat!) and bow. I did make a pair of minnie ears, but the black was too jarring against the softer colour pallete on the rest of the cake, so I made I decided to leave them off - I hope she didn't mind! Finley is a *Beautiful* new born and mum said that he reminded her sometimes of a little tortoise! lol. I went with it and made a cute little tortoise to go on top and covered his tier in little stars. Each child had their own name tag on their tier.

I absolutely LOVED making this cake - it was lovely to blend 3 personalities into one design :)