Sonic Green Hill Zone Cake

~ 3 tiers : 5'', 7'', 9'' round pan, each tier composed by :
2 layers of Orange flavoured cake and 1 layer chocolate cake, spiral sculpted
~ Vanilla butter cream frosting
~ Homemade Marshmallow fondant, Americolor's Lemon yellow, orange, super red, leaf green, electric green, chocolate brown, Wilton's royal blue, black
~ Sonic Topper made of fondant and tylose standing with iron armature
~ Rings made of fondant and tylose standing with spaghetti


LadyTerry Says... 2 months ago

Love the cake! I know you made this a while back but I was wondering if you could PM instructions on how you did the cake? Did you cover it in fondant? also how did you carve it? please help someone wants me to do something like this and could really use the help or tips! Or you could email me @ I usually just leave a comment but it doesn't let me know when the other person respond. Thank you and great work!

frntz Says... 2 months ago

Hello there,

For the carving I follow this tutorial :

The covering is made of fondant (recipe here :

Good luck :)

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