TheCakeWizard Says... 6 months ago

I have seen your picture on the internet for your watermelon cake. Where can I get the recipe? I remember it used watermelon flavored Jell-O and seedless watermelon.

Thanks, The Cake Wizard 

lovemyhusband Says... 6 months ago

Hi TheCakeWizard! You can find my original tutorial for this cake on my blog: That has the original recipe I used as well. I have since tried it with using watermelon oil added to a white cake recipe and like the texture of the cake a little better with that. Hope that helps.

onlyahobby Says... 4 months ago

I'm curious, when you said you used watermelon oil, did you replace the real watermelon or use it in addition to everything else?  I want to try this cake for a picnic we are invited to in the neighborhood.  We are newcomers so I'm trying to impress!!  How about watermelon extract?


lovemyhusband Says... 4 months ago

Hi onlyahobby,

The second time I made this I just used a white cake recipe and added some LorAnn Watermelon Oil to the recipe, along with some food coloring. I didn't add the Jello or real watermelon. I liked it a lot better because the texture was just a little strange to me in the original cake. I would use the oil instead of an extract because the oils are stronger and the LorAnn one that I used had a great flavor. I am not positive how much I used since it has been a long time since I last made this but you do have to be careful with oils and use a smaller amount than you would extracts, usually just a few drops. Hope that helps. Good luck with your cake!

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