You Know How To Fix It...

You Know How To Fix It... on Cake Central

This is actually over a year old, but I didn't like that the only place I had it uploaded was on my Facebook.

This was my final project in my last baking class in culinary school, in which me and a partner were to create a themed dessert buffet. Obviously, we chose NASCAR.

Anyway, we split up the tasks, and since cake decorating was more my thing, I did the bulk of the cakework. The hat's gumpaste, as are all the veggies in the stew. The knobs for the burner, as well as the eye itself is gumpaste with wire for support. The handle on the hammered copper pot is gumpaste with a wooden dowel. Flames are isomalt, the stew base is piping gel, and Remy is hand-sculpted RKT piped with buttercream with wire/gumpaste accents. His mushroom is a real bluefoot. The cake itself is a dummy.