Piggy Pops

Piggy Pops on Cake Central

Piggy Pops! My first attempt at cakepops, I loved making these :)

I used the bakepops pan for the balls, dipped in regular eating chocolate with a little bit of Kremelta shortening mixed in to thin it. The Wilton candy melts are difficult/expensive to buy here, real chocolate is cheaper/easier to get.

The snouts etc are made from a mixture of modelling chocolate and fondant.

I struggled a bit with the chocolate, how do you get a nice finish at the end? I dipped, swirled, and tapped. But the excess was still running off when the chocolate started to set, so at the back of some of them it's not as nice and smooth as it should be. Maybe I need thinner chocolate....? Any tips on getting a perfect finish greatly appreciated!


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