Santa Takes His Vacation In Sa


After a long couple of days getting the last Christmas gifts delivered, Santa and Rudolf decide to end it all off in Cape Town, South Africa! Finishing the last of their ADMIN on Christmas day, they head off to do a few touristy things: Cable car, Aquarium, Boat rides and of course a special Boney M performance, after which they enjoy a rustic meal at Moyo Restaurant. They then proceed to enjoy a night of mayhem in the city of Cape Town. Santa gets a tattoo, and his hat gets BLINGed, SA style! Rudolf purchases some African cuffs, gets his ear pierced and even gets his 2 front teeth pulled to fit in! After all the festivities, on Boxing day they land up on Boulders Beach(by invite only) to be waited on by their loving penguin fans who have followed them across the world!?