Blue damask stencilled and white pleated 6 tier chocolate mud wedding cake. Brooches are sugar - central thistle design cast from a brooch belonging to the bride's grandmother. Sugar fans inspired by thecaketress. This was my first wedding cake ... whew!

OK - in answer to some of the questions... I made the sugar fans from CMC-stiffened fondant - using an impression mat to get the lace pattern on it. (The wavy edge pattern come from a pair of pinking shears (well-sterilised of course!)) I shaped each layer over rows of chopsticks and then built up the fan layer-by-layer. The trick is to roll the fondant pretty thinly so that the fan doesn't get too heavy and the folds don't get too chunky. Stencilling is easier than I expected - although I have help from my DH to hold it in place. I've found that the pattern is pretty forgiving of a few mistakes here and there. I'd definitely recommend trying it if you like the effect! The pleating I got from several sources, espcially here on CC - but basically it is just overlapped strips all the way round - again keeping them thin so that it looks more like folds than strips. HTH