Love Birds In The Nature


2-tier dummy cakes covered with fondant, top stenciled with petal dust then lustre dust. Bottom tier dusted with petal dust only. Both sealed with white satin ribbons. The very top was gumpaste flower. Thanks for looking :-) Update 30 Aug 2011: got few emails asking how I did this cake, thought I will put it here to share it: What I did with the bottom and top tier were the same. Both, I used cake stencils, if you are in USA you can get them from The top tier is Love Bird, come with a "cage" stencil, and bottom tier stencil called "Nature Vignette" hope I spell it right :-) You need to apply fondant on a cake or dummy cake and let it dry for 24 hours. After that, put your cake stencil and "attached" it on your cake with masking tape - connecting from 1 side to the other side of the cake stencil. Then use petal dust color to color the stencil. I used different petal dust color, and I use it a lot to get the strong color. Once finished, take the masking tape off and pull/take the stencil away from the cake. If there is any stain on the cake from petal dust, just brush with a little bit of water, then wipe it off with tissue. What I will do next time before dusting on stencil, I would put a little (just a little) CRISCO on the stencil before dusting, that will prevent the dust bleeding. Hope it helps :-) and Thanks for Looking :-)