3D Monkey Cake

3D Monkey Cake on Cake Central

This is a last minute cake that I did for a friend of a friend. I used a 3D bear pan cake pan for the base of the work, shaved off the ears, arms, legs, and shaved some off the back side so give him a not so plump look. I made the ears out of gum paste (which I should have let set a little while longer before trying to use but it worked out). the shaved off pieces of cake I mixed with icing and molded into arms and legs and let set in the freezer (wrapped in saran wrap) before putting the on the cake. From there I rolled out some green fondant and made some leaves which I put on top of a single layer iced cake to attempt at giving it the appearance of sitting on a bed of leaves. It was my first effort at a 3D monkey cake but I intend on a redo just to prove to myself that I can do better, though I don't think it was a half bad turn out after all.