Beatles Graduation Cake


We can't take most of the credit on this cake. It is a combination of cakes that our client saw on the internet and wanted us to duplicate. We really do not like doing this because the creators of these cakes took so much time and talent on their cakes. We agreed only if we did not make the cake exactly as the photos she brought. This way we could do the cake with our image. The only thing that is ours is the Beatles themselves. Crystal took a whole day to make them. She only used real photos of them and created them in her own vision. The rest is credited to the hard working cake decorators out there and their great talent. By the way, the cake is not crooked. It's just that when we finished at 3:00a.m in the morning. My hands were sore from all the detail and Crystal was sleepy. So this is the only picture we took! Ha! Ha!