Ou Graduation

Ou Graduation on Cake Central

I made this for my daughters graduation. My first and possibly last half sheet cake (even though I invested in the 12x18 fat daddio's pan) : )~ It's a red velvet-Perfect Red Velvet recipe by Foxicakes-awesome!! with a Bavarian Cream Cheese Filling (my own concoction-delicious!!) and Cream Cheese Frosting-Decorator's Cream Cheese frosting by azeboi2005, it too was the best!! Cap and scroll were made out of gumpaste and border out of fondant. Learned ALLOT from this one. First of all, do not try to double this red velvet recipe if your KA is only a 5 quart lol. Second, I used 4 heating cores when baking such a large cake and that was definitely a smart move. Third, when the cake was done (right out of the oven), I used a tip that I read in a thread somewhere to press down on the cake with a cookie sheet (but I used a small cutting board in order to maneuver around the baking cores) this was a great tip!! I didn't have to level the cake! :-) Fourth, I decided to purchase a fat daddio's cake leveler (can't afford an Agbay) and was glad I did! Fifth, the edible laquer worked great (50/50 vodka and light kayro syrup) Sixth, I need a tutorial on how to make a book cake :-) And finally, I SERIOUSLY need help with my MMF!! Especially when it comes to colors like red!! This batch of MMF that I colored to get the OU was a crumbly mess!! All I could do was make balls out of it!! >:( After it was all said and done she was really happy with the cake, and that made it all worth it!! :-)