The Antler Cake

The Antler Cake on Cake Central

This cake was a hoot! The recipient was a loving Husband who lost his very first set of antlers when an ill mannered hunting dog ran off with them never to be found again, while they were sitting on an ant hill being "cleaned" eww. LOL I recreated the antlers from the photo he had taken (supplied by the awesome Wife, this cake was her surprise to him for a 15th wedding anniversary) and I mounted those antlers on his very own mounting board, and attempted to recreate the scene with symbolism. The paw print was for the dog obviously, the antlers and "15" representing the anniversary and the ants, well, they were just doing their job! What fun this cake was! It is four layers of Rose Levy Beranbaum's recipe from The Cake Bible for All-American Chocolate Butter Cake filled with my Daddy's secret German Chocolate Icing/Filling recipe (seriously top secret!) and then covered in a milk chocolate ganache followed by Rose Levy Beranbaum's recipe for Classic Rolled Fondant from The Cake Bible also. That book is as advertised, my Bible of cakes for certain! I will NEVER bake without it and consider it the ultimate authority on cake recipes and science!