Caillou And Friends


Okay, again forgot to take a picture before I gave the cake away :( This cake looked a lot better befpre it left my hands...but it was fun to do! My kids kept reminding me of little things on each of the characters, it was hilarious! So, this is Caillou, Rosie, Clementine and Gilbert the cat in Caillou's sandbox. Caillou was holding the beach ball, and Clementine had the shovel...but after transport I guess they got moved. I imprinted the wood pattern for the sides to try to make it look like their sandbox, but it is hard to see, and it appears in the picture that the cream cheese frosting underneath had started to soften up b/c the sides are sagging and spitting apart...again not like that originally but the 2year old loved it and I was told that he had his arms wrapped around it almost the entire party! Banana cake w/ cream cheese frosting wrapped in fondant with fondant figures on top and graham crackers for the the middle was suppose to be a sand castle...TFL