Generous Snowman


A cake I did for a "Dessert Dash" (an auction), the proceeds of which provides scholarships for kids to attend our church's summer camp. The event was a formal affair where each table sat 4 couples. While waiting to be served dinner, each table would together decide which of the 40 some desserts on display they wanted to bid on to have after dinner. Apparently, there is a possibility of a tie which explains the "dash" part of the event title... the tables which tie on their top bid elect a runner from the table and at "go", whichever reaches the MC first, wins the dessert! The snowman is chocolate cake with mocha filling for the bottom and middle sections, the head and top hat are RKT. The stump is also chocolate but with vanilla buttercream and marion berry filling. All covered in fondant, fondant details, hand painted bunny and tree. The verse was, hopefully, inspirational!