Happy Meal


This was for my son's 3rd birthday! The Happy Meal box is 3 layers of 6in cake, frosted in buttercream, then I put on the panels of dried out fondant. I ended up having to use cardboard to support the top part, so if I had it to do over, I would definitely recommend having a 4th layer of cake and sculpting it to support the fondant instead. I got the tray from Michaels (it's meant for finger painting), and printed the tray liner from the internet, then covered it with contact paper. The cup and straw are fondant (I used a paper cup to get the right shape). The chicken nugget box is fondant (I dried it over a real nugget box). The fry holder is also fondant (dried over some cardstock). The fries are sugar cookie (got the idea from bakerella's website, so look there for instructions). The chicken nuggets are cake balls! Hope that explains everything.