Ring Pop Cake

Ring Pop Cake on Cake Central

My daughter LOVES ring pops so I tried my hand at making her a cake in the shape of one. I was very happy with how it turned out! I used two different types of cake. I used chocolate cake for the lollipop part - used a Wilton soccer shaped pan and cut it down to the lollipop shape. I did a practice cake with a layered square cake cut to the shape and it didn't work as well as the soccer pan. The "ring" part was made with vanilla round cake. I cut it close to the halfway mark with the smaller half set on it's cut edge and then I used the remaining larger half to cut out the pieces that would come around the finger. I made and colored my own fondant (the green was done at 1:30 in the morning the night before her party! LOL) and covered each piece separately, using buttercream icing to attach the pieces together. Once it was all together I filled the ring with ring-pops. I also made several cupcakes, iced them and stuck a ring-pop in each one. These were placed around the main cake.

I would not recommend making this cake unless you are willing to let your child (and all of them) have a couple of ring-pops! ;)