Snco Induction Ceremony Eielson Afb 2010

Snco Induction Ceremony Eielson Afb 2010 on Cake Central

The SNCO induction ceremony signifies transition from NCO to the first rank in the SNCO tier (MSgt). There are 5 10" rounds and a 9x13, the cakes are red velvet, triple chocolate and carrot, iced with buttercream icing. the 3 bottom cakes are the Air Force core values (Integrity, Service, and Excellence). The Top 3 tiers are the 3 enlisted tiers Airman, NCO and SNCO. We also made 60 red velvet cupcakes. They are topped with MSgt Stripes made of chocolate. The cake stand's middle box lights up and says "SNCO Induction Ceremony, Leading the way (The night's theme), Eielson AFB 2010 and the Air Force Symbol. The eagle carved wood and is part of the SNCO tier symbol and overlooks the highest tier.