Disney's Belle

Disney's Belle on Cake Central

Here is a sneak peek for an upcoming cake. Belle is the theme of the cake (Hopefully that's obvious from the picture LOL). Basically the billowy dress part will be cake and I will insert this Belle figure into the top to make it look like one figure. I will add a red rose to this figure as well, to make it look like Belle is holding it in her hands. The body and dress are made from gumpaste, and the hair is all chocolate. This was my first time using modelling chocolate and I absolutely loved it! I will definitely use it again. Belle's face was handpainted using airbrush colors. This was my first time trying to construct a realistic looking person from gumpaste. It was a learning process, and I had to make this figure a couple of times before I figured out what works. Pics of the actual cake will follow in about 3 weeks.