Animal Print Disaster


I don't know exactly what happened other than I met the customer with the cake at 10:30pm at night. Got home got in the shower and the phone rang. The cake was falling apart and she didnt know why. Said she was real careful driving home. May have been the dowel rods I used. they were larger square dowel rods and they were also a little too long. I basically told her that there was no time to redo it because i had to work the next morning. Her party was starting at 9:00am at the river. I felt so bad because I could hear the disappointment in her voice. My husband encouraged me to bake another one. This time I baked a single layer, made new icing and thank goodness i still had fondant! Got in bed at 1:30am. Got up and went to her house (15 miles away from me in the opposite direction from work with my two youngest boys) and tried to salvage what I could of the top layer. I had told her not to touch it, well when I got there, the top was worse than the pic shows. It had fallen further and slid off of its board about 1 1/2 inches. I managed to slide it back on, smooth the icing out and replace leopard prints. The back side was not so pretty but from the front it looked pretty good considering the circumstances! Got to work an hour late, but feel good that they were happy!